Purchase Conditions

About us

ALBATOURS, is a local tourist agency owned by ALBA TOURS d.o.o., OIB: 16178833578, VAT ID: HR 16178833578, identification code:HR-AB-52-130063440.

Our team is composed of young enthusiastic professionals with the passion for tourism. We cooperate directly with property owners in order to provide the best service to our clients. We are a local team dedicated to make your stay on our peninsula as memorable as possible. We personally control all properties, engage foto professionals and ensure correct days. All our houses have signed contracts with us as well as certificates issued by the Croational National Tourist bord Inspection. All our agents stay at your disposal.

How to use this site – rules and instruction

After you had chosen your accommodation, select your prefered dates of arrival and departure in the calendar as well as duration of your stay. Only available dates will be displayed and chosen from. Recheck your chosen data and click RESERVE.

Step #1

Detail of your reservation – see your choice and klick on the PAYMENT. We also encourage you to read the general conditions of the rent by clicking on the relevant link.

Step #2

Please enter your personal contact information and the number of adults and children.

If you travel with children, we can provide baby cots and high chairs with when requested in advance.

If the accommodation takes in pets, you will be able to select from the menue number of pets you are travelling with and the additional pet cleaning fee will automatically added to your total price amount.

The Fee varies from accommodation to accommodation and is from 5 to 10 Eur/pet/day.

You can also send us a question or a message.

Payment options:

In order to make a 30% downpayment, please choose from one of the below offered options:

  • Credit card payment. We accept Master Card, Visa and Maestro credit card (30 day before arrival)
  • We accept bank transfer (30 days before arrival)
  • Payment in cash on arrival (option is not available for all accommodations)

If you are paying your downpayment via credit card, your reservation is automatically confirmed which you will be able to see on our web page and we will send you your reservation confirmation in an email.

In case you have chosen to make a payment by bank transfer, you will receive an email with all your reservation details and instruction how to procede. In order to complete your reservation, follow the instruction in your email and confirm your reservation. After that, you will receive information how to make a payment. We kindly advise to make your payment within the next 72 hours. If the payment is not received in that period, we will contact you and your reservation may have to be cancelled.

Important to know: if you are paying the rest of the 70% of your amount on the day of your arrival, you are not entitled to cancellation insurance and in that case downpayment in case of cancellation is not refundable.

VAT is included in all cost. Costs of one-time announcement fee is 4 Eur/Person/Stay.

We guaraantee safe payment through our web page

On our web page we provide WsPay service for online payments which uses the most advanced protection and anti-theft/abuse technology such as, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and others as well as secure and safe procedures in accordance to the highest possible standards. Exchange of confidential dana between the online payment system and the payment approval issuing centers of credit card distributors is done through a network which is completely inaccessable to unauthorized users. Confidantial information from your credit card are delivered directly through the safe net to authorization centre.

Payment via a foreign credit card (non Croatian credit card holders)

The amount which will be paid by a foreigh holders credit card will be the original amount in EUR exchanged into Croatian kunas (HRK) according to the current valid exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank on the day of purchase. In the process of payment via your credit card the same amount will be converted to your national currency according to the exchange rate of your Credit card distributor. As a result of this conversion, a slight discrepancies between the price stated on our web page and the amount charged on your credit card can occure.

Step #3

During this procedure, the system will redirect you to WsPay system. Please, take your time and carefully control your reservation details and payment method. In order to confirm your reservation, it is necessary to make a downpayment of 30%. The downpayment is unrefundable. Security downpayment (speciffic for each accomodation) is paid in cash on your arrival and will be returned to you on your departure. Any damage in the accomodation wil be settled from this amount.

Step #4


After online payment is done, a confirmation of payment will arrive to your email account. Reservation confirmation (a voucher) bring with you to your holiday destination for registration and key takeover purposes.

Cancellation policy

If you wish to cancell your payment, it is necessary that you contact us in written form to [email protected] with the cancellation reasons. In that case, the following criteria is applied:

  • up to 42. day: -> 30% of the reservation price
  • up to 28. day: -> 60% of the reservation price
  • up to 1. day: -> 90% of the reservation price
  • No show up -> 100% of the reservation price

Personal information protection

ALBATOURS – ALBA TOURS d.o.o. Ensures protection of all personal information from its clients. Albatours gathers and stores only basic information on clients which are essential for its work. Albatours informs its clients how their personal information will be used, offers its clients choice on use of their own personal information including the decission wether they will or will not remove their name from the list used for action/discount information. All the information on client are strictly confidential and are available only where these information are essential for business.

Complaints / claims

According to the article 6 count 3 of the Bill on Services in Tourism (NN 130/17) Albatours would like to inform the clients that the claims and complaints about the quality of the provided services can also be delivered in a written form or e-mail to: [email protected]

If the services provided were of inadequate quality, guests are entitled to demand an adequate compensation accompanied by a written complaint. All guests are entitled to a complait for an unfullfilled paid service. Each guest – the reservation holder, files his/her complaint individually.

Complaint procedure

It is a guests duty to file a complaint, to the tourist agency Albatours, on the day of arrival. It is guests duty to cooperate with the tourist agency albatours and the service provider/host in goodwill to eliminate the faults. If the guest does not accept on the alternative solution equivalent to the paid service, the tourist agency is not obliged to accept the later complaint.

The highest amount of the compensation can sum up to the amount of claimed services, but can not include the value of already used services nor the entire amount of the service. By this rule, the compensation of ideal(total) damage is excluded.